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Vital & Relvas

Vital & Relvas, a fashion sales agency based in Famalicão, north of Portugal, just 40 Km from Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, Vital & Relvas has the previlege of being at the heart of the Portuguese textile industry, conferring full knowledge and exceptional relationships with some of the best national textile companies.

Founded in 2008, from a partnership between António Vital and Isabel Relvas, both having more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in the textile industry, the company can provide a full range of reliable services, in clothing, shoes or accessories and having as a guarantee the full know how and the experience.

Markets: France, Spain, Italy and Denmark

Languages spoken: English, French and Spanish.

Washes | Embroidery | Stamping | Dyed

Washes | Embroidery | Stamping | Dyed


Sets 3 to 14

– Jacquard
– Felpos
– Jersey
– Interlock
Woven Fabrics

– Shirts, Blouses
– Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Tops
– Jackets, Classic coats, Overcoats and Raincoats


– Jackets
– Jeans
– Skirts
– Dresses


– Shoes
– Accessories


– T-Shirts – Blouses – Jackets – Lingerie – Wallets
– Sweatshirts – Shorts – Tricots – Underwear – Towels
– Polo shirts – Skirts – Beachwear – Shoes – Accessories
– Men shirts – Trousers – Surf wear – Belts – more…


– Knit – Plush – Silks – Leather
– Softshel – Technical materials – Denim – Accessories
– Woven fabrics –  Raincoat – Linen – more…

Our Services

Vital & Relvas can provide to their customers a full range of services:

  • Research and presentation of solutions that meet your challenges, finding proposals with new articles, different compositions and textile finishing’s
  • We can develop and present the latest techniques of embroideries, prints, digital prints, laser, sublimation, high frequency…
  • Research and proposal of innovative solutions regarding washes and dyes.
  • Selection of the right manufacturer to the right Puchase Order, always finding the best deal from raw materials purchase up to delivery and always checking and controlling every step of the production chain. 
  •  Check and control of all documents: Technical files, orders, packing list and invoices.
  • The whole process is followed and controlled

Fell free to contact us for all your inquiries. We will gladly answer back.

  • Vital & Relvas Lda
    Rua de Souto Longo, 76
    4770-539 Santa Maria de Arnoso
    Vila Nova de Famalicão

  • Phone or Fax +351 253 692 559

Isabel Relvas

Phone: +351 929 171 015
Email: isabel.relvas@vitalerelvas.eu
Skype: isabel.relvas27

António Vital

Phone: +351 968 018 729
Email: avital@vitalerelvas.eu
skype: antonio.almeida.vital

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